Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Friday ..Make it HAPPY

I was FORCED to take out my cape. I try not to show off. But some days a girl just HAS to. 

AND decided to REMAIN this way!

Because this is truly how I felt. I need this sweatshirt!!!

That's my week. Sometimes other peeps seem to forget to stay in their lane. That's life I know, it's not alway raining pink glitter ! But there are ALWAYS ways around those obstacles. And that's when a girl has to pull out her SUPERWOMAN cape. And so I DID! Even with kryptonite thrown my way I remained CLASSY. I ruminated over the day's events and realized I still had a checklist chocked with to-do items. That's when I wanted to find this sweatshirt because I REALLY didn't have time for the silliness. Cheers to a cape free weekend filled with FABULOUSNESS and HAPPINESS. Go on and Choose Happiness.

                                                                   images via pinterest

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