Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eudaemonic:   adjective 
                       definition: Producing HAPPINESS

So I guess it really does PAY to be a pack rat. Do you remember the movie  Akeelah and the Bee?
Today's word comes from the deck of cards Starbucks offered  during the movie campaign. FOR REEL!(lol) I found them while another attempt to purge the closet. I was just thrilled to be reunited and it was the eve of WORD Up Wednesday, 
I REALLY, REALLY and I do mean REALLY hope that reading  my blog has an eudaemonic effect on you! You know I could NOT resist making that comment. But, that truly is my wish. Happy Wednesday. It has been raining for days in my region. Spent the morning having a great latte and pastry with a great compadre. Lots of laughter and a wee bit of shopping. 

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  1. OK girlfriend.... You gave us the definition and that it is an adjective, but where is the pronunciation?? :) How can I have an eudaemonic effect on others if I can't pronounce the word.

    I wearing bright colors and thinking of you today! Sorry we won't see you at swimming tonight! The sorority just won't be the same. I hope the practice goes well.

    Have a fun-filled and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!