Thursday, May 30, 2013


HAPPY HAPPY WEEKEND. I have been celebrating a lot this week. It has been a GOOD week. I have had an amazing time spent with new and old friends. As I mentioned earlier this week, the free time is coming to a close. I feel like putting on these feathery earrings and this skirt because I am feeling light and free (mentally that is) . It's been a long time since I have felt this way. Adieu to heavy thinking this weekend , gonna lighten the mental load. Choose Happiness and a Carefree weekend

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Thursday and YES I MEAN IT


Just Splendid

Please take your seat

Whilst I pour you a glass of BIG GIRL JUICE

Happy Thursday to my very special and loyal readers. I am offering you a seat at an elegant table because I need to RANT. I have spent a better part of today doing volunteer work. Now, I am all about volunteering but to the degree that it  is making me rip out my all ready short pixie, not so much.  Has this ever happened to you? I am just beside myself with the amount of time I have spent on this project. If the hours were billable, I would be one PHAT CAT.  So I decided  to break and look at some beautiful photos of lovely places to sip juice. Giddy or Plain juice whichever you prefer, but you have to agree sipping any thing in these kitchens would make one feel lovely.  For me it is truly about the small things that bring me so much JOY. I hope you have an absolutely TERRIFIC Thursday and CHOOSE YOUR HAPPINESS.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Word Up Wednesday.....Wonderful

I need to solivagant more often. I guess with the school year coming to a close, I should be wandering alone more frequently. Mom duty starts full on SOON. I will no longer own my thoughts. I will be a HAPPY social director. I need to pick out a cute outfit as the one above and head out  to wander,while I still own my thoughts. In addition, this outfit is quite apropos for the climate here. Another cloudy day, we are on a 8 plus day roll. Choose Happiness 

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Have a Terrific Tuesday....and Pause to take in the VIEW

So ,Sunday morning arrives and I wish the husband and son would make me breakfast OR go get something. Z was at a sleepover therefore I was able to sleep in (she is my early riser) . So I sashay into the kitchen to request breakfast and check my emails simultaneously .... and this photo pops up. One of my close friends sent it to me with the subject..... Breakfast anyone ?...ENJOY. I  could not contain my laughter, so much that I had to share with the husband. He chuckled as well, no sign of ENVY there. I don't know what is stirring in that sauté pan, but I don't even care. That is one delightful view and if you don't agree, RUN don't WALK to your local optometrist.  This is a blog about happy ,beautiful  interiors and fashion but sometimes a girl has to PAUSE and take in a different view. LOL . Thank you LJ this could not have come at a more perfect moment. It was just comical and  your timing was priceless. Choose Happiness and a Great Friend.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


So excited for a long weekend.  I am all over this sparkly jacket . Yes, I would wear this with a pair of jeans. I love my sparkle. Funny thing Sparkle was my nickname in high school. LOL . It REALLY was I hope it was due to my sparkly personality and not because I OD 'd on the spangly. But knowing me I did have a lot of sparkly going on . And if you know me ,you know I just got to be me sparkles and all.  Cheers to a long weekend filled with family and friends. I hope you enjoy some good food , drink and laughter. Choose Happiness and add some SPARKLE

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Happy Thursday and If YOU didn't know Already

I had to take two shots of my favorite pillow!  Y? Because these big and little peeps I live  with are not understanding the message. I was born to be GLAMOROUS. Contrary to their belief. Not the the chauffeur, cleaning lady, therapist, doctor, fairy, GPS tracking device of all things, motivational speaker, entertainer, hunter and gatherer,teacher. I know for sure I left some things out.  Just saying it has been one of those months. You  know year end event overload.  I hope this 3 day weekend will allow me to reconnect with my own spirit. AHHH .. to dream. I hope you are having an amazing day filled with a little something ,something for yourself. Choosing happiness and a bucket filled with cleaning supplies.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eudaemonic:   adjective 
                       definition: Producing HAPPINESS

So I guess it really does PAY to be a pack rat. Do you remember the movie  Akeelah and the Bee?
Today's word comes from the deck of cards Starbucks offered  during the movie campaign. FOR REEL!(lol) I found them while another attempt to purge the closet. I was just thrilled to be reunited and it was the eve of WORD Up Wednesday, 
I REALLY, REALLY and I do mean REALLY hope that reading  my blog has an eudaemonic effect on you! You know I could NOT resist making that comment. But, that truly is my wish. Happy Wednesday. It has been raining for days in my region. Spent the morning having a great latte and pastry with a great compadre. Lots of laughter and a wee bit of shopping. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Terrific Tuesday........Note to Self

One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty, and it really helps. It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see. Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it.

Gabourey Sidibe (via teenmermaid)
(Source: thatquote, via hecticworld)

Happy Tuesday and some inspiration too. Gabourey Sidibe is the young woman who played the lead character Precious in the movie. I just LOVE how SHE decided she was beautiful! How profound and wonderful. In addition, she made the declaration as a young woman.  That is a PROUD mama moment even if you are not her mama. Way to go and grow. "WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU SEE." LOVE LOVE! Go out and make your own declaration..... be your own BEAUTIFUL. I am sure along the way you will Choose Happiness too.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Marvelous Monday ........ Keep EM Covered

Hey BEAUTIFUL peeps I hope you enjoyed a weekend filled with JOY. I had a very busy but exciting weekend. A weekend that allowed me to catch up on some reading. I was perusing last Sunday's New York Times and came across this article titled "A Line Between Sweet and Skimpy"
As a mom of an eight year girl, of course my interest was peaked. I have struggled with clothes that keep my little girl sweet looking. A mom is HARD pressed to find clothes that don't scream LOOK at me I am sexy and headed to the club. I remember shopping at a department store last year and the sales person said "it goes from six to sex " she was describing the clothing line in the little girls department . All I kept thinking was NOT IN MY HOUSE.  So far, I have managed to control the issue and will continue to mandate what is "acceptable" and what is NOT acceptable in our home. I am just tired of seeing butt crack on seven year olds. Can you tell  this is a hot button for me? Moms what are you thinking allowing your little ones to dress so provocative ? Please tell me. I have watched grown men look at pre-teens at our swim club like a bucket  of chicken wings. UGHH!  I do not want my daughter being viewed as a chicken wing in that bucket. I came across this card in my box and thought how sweet do these little girls looks. Just as I remember looking with my friends . Nothing screaming "sexy" from this photo. I have found some clothing lines that keep our little ones sweet and not seductive. I know this is  a serious topic for a Monday. But hey, it heavily weighed on my mind.  I feel empowered to make choices that represent our family values. Do YOU? What are your thoughts? The full article here

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Friday ..Make it HAPPY

I was FORCED to take out my cape. I try not to show off. But some days a girl just HAS to. 

AND decided to REMAIN this way!

Because this is truly how I felt. I need this sweatshirt!!!

That's my week. Sometimes other peeps seem to forget to stay in their lane. That's life I know, it's not alway raining pink glitter ! But there are ALWAYS ways around those obstacles. And that's when a girl has to pull out her SUPERWOMAN cape. And so I DID! Even with kryptonite thrown my way I remained CLASSY. I ruminated over the day's events and realized I still had a checklist chocked with to-do items. That's when I wanted to find this sweatshirt because I REALLY didn't have time for the silliness. Cheers to a cape free weekend filled with FABULOUSNESS and HAPPINESS. Go on and Choose Happiness.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tremendous Thursday .....and the Unlikely Amigos

Happy Almost Weekend peeps. I look forward to Thursday evenings now even more. I get the opportunity to laugh really HARD with three women that have become my new amigos. It started about six weeks or so ago. Our daughters swim for the same club. What I find intriguing is that we are all so VERY different. At least if you are judging the book by the cover. I have grown to really like these girls. We giggle as though we are part of a sorority of laughter. So much so that I have called us the "sorority" row girls. If you were to ask me what we laugh about I would say at ourselves mostly and the strange glances we receive.from the sheer fact we are enjoying each other's company. When I walked into that room six weeks ago I would have never guessed that these women would become my Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday "sweet" spot BUT THEY HAVE.  I really love my girlfriend time. Anyone that knows me ,knows that SATC is and will continue to be my favorite show. I love the camaraderie amongst those four characters. The problem I have in my life right now is that my closest girlfriends are  all out of town. We maintain a great friendship but nothing beats hanging out in your jammies together in person. Until , I see them again the two "unlikely" amigos suit me just fine. Because I know for a fact that good laughter is GREAT for the soul. Choose Happiness

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Word Up Wednesday ~ French style


function :adjective
Etymology: French from past participle to seek out
definition  a :   EXQUISITE, CHOICE    b: Exotic rare

We continued to celebrate Mother's Day in our house yesterday. I had forgotten to open a gift. It was a gift from my still sweet almost 14 year old baby boy. He was so excited to present his mama with this jewel that he HAD CHOSEN. It was a very proud moment. My K had carefully selected the one thing that he felt represented his mama. The picture does not do the necklace  justice. It is so beautiful but even more meaningful. I saved the best for last!!! My Kam had made a recherche' choice. I can't wait to wear it proudly and feel like queen mama. Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday along with my daily dose of  Choosing Happiness

Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey Beautiful Peeps I hope your week is headed in the right direction (like UP) . I was at a meeting last nite and we got on the subject of lighting. You mean there are other forms of lighting besides chandeliers?  Just kidding, but I AM a lil cray cray for chandeliers. I think they add glamour to ANY room. I love the dangling of the crystals. I love the sparkle and shine. Chandeliers are like the 'statement" necklace to a room. I would put them in all rooms if I could and believe me I HAVE TRIED. What can I say I have a penchant for sparkly, glittery, pretty things. Shine on and Choose Happiness


Happy Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday. I sure hope that all the moms had a wonderful joy-filled Mother's Day. My weekend was filled with so many delightful simple things. It truly was one of my best MD. A recap of the activities that made it special. Friday my little Z had a birthday party and I must admit I totally crabbed out on the thought of a birthday on Mother's Day weekend. On a Friday nite no doubt. So we went and much to my surprise had a wonderful time. The birthday party was at Feed My Starving Children , so Z and I were able to do something significant together. It was so rewarding! I ended up buying 5 friendship bracelets because each one could feed 10 kiddies. I LOVE shopping for a cause.  Saturday Z  had another birthday party. Then the four of us went out to dinner and had the best time together. I love the ages my children are now. Sunday , I was able to go for a five mile run solo. WHOHOO. The pancakes that were promised were taking way too long so I opted for fruit and breakfast sandwiches courtesy of Starbucks. Church was entertaining on MANY levels. Lunch was ice cream (husband's not sure he was even thinking) idea. Home for MD photos and playing in the yard. Dinner out at one of the KIDS fave restaurant ... did I say KIDS fave? Dinner took way too long oldest complained of a headache wanted mom to rub his head while I used he other to eat my burger. Sound familiar? Dessert to go which none of us ate last nite. Kids and husband down at 8:45. Mom left up to do 6 loads of laundry and clean.  Despite all of the excitement it truly was the little things that I was able to reflect on. All the time we spent as a family was Fantastic. I decided every mom needs an eight year old girl that says mom you look pretty, beautiful, dazzling you fashionista. Where does she come up with those things?  But talking about feeling SPECIAL. She is great for the EGO.  Oh and I totally for get I was able to take a LONG relaxing bath by candle light with jazz playing. Can we say slice of HEAVEN. The ONLY thing missing was the PINK tub above. Why of course. I bid you a wonderful, beautiful Monday. Choose Happiness

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday and the Happiest Mother's Day to All

Happy Mother's Day weekend. If you did not recognize Mother's Day is an important day for me. I love celebrating this special day. For without moms, we truly would not exist.In addition,  I LOVE MY MOM! I think she is the GREATEST. My wish is that my little Z and I will share the same bond as my mom and I have shared my entire life. Thank you mama for making feel like the most special and loved  little girl every second of my ENTIRE life. Cheers to all you beautiful moms out there ,I hope you are treated as special as you truly are this entire weekend. I am in the mood for sparkly and fabulous weekend.Therefore , I will be Choosing Happiness....Join me

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tremendous Thursday ....Why not make a STATEMENT

That's what I am talking about. Go BIG or stay HOME. I love the statement necklace. Why? Because that's about all you need. ONE piece and you are fabulous. It's like adding chocolate to your milk. 
And who doesn't like chocolate? The statement is an instant lift to that jeans and t-shirt. trust me on this one. Okay, maybe the above are all to "big" for you, but go and try one on for size. You will feel like the belle of the ball. I am all about that "tickled pink" happy feeling. Besides, your neck could you use a little exercise for it holds that big beautiful  head and brain of yours. I am so Choosing Happiness and a necklace today. I hope you will too.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey, I all can say about this word is..... I am on my WAY I am getting there. HOW ABOUT YOU? Got the HAPPY part down now that self-control thing keeps eluding me ... especially when it comes to food. Make it a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY by Choosing Happiness