Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wonderful Word up Wednesday

Today's word up word is  DRIVEL   def. NONSENSE , SILLINESS
Just the other day I was flipping channels and heard a blip about women in technology. Since I am not a "techie" my interest was peaked. To my disappointment the article focused on the "HOTNESS" of the women in technology. One of the women referred to their "hotness" as such drivel. Kudos to her for not letting their success and accomplishments get minimized by such drivel.
I hope you enjoy word up Wednesday as much as my 7 year old and I do. We live in a "nip and tuck" world focused on beauty and not brains. But my call to action is word up Wednesday. No need to go "under the knife" to sculpt that beautiful brain of yours.  Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday. Choose Happiness

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