Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tremendous Thursday and Mini Me

Every one ALWAYS says that my lil Z is a mini me and they are right. I wrote about my love of the wedge sneakers a couple of weeks ago. Well the Easter bunny delivered. I am in love with these babies. Now,I will have to say that Z had her pink ones way before I did. These are our hip hop happy Friday shoes. Z and I have a tradition of putting on some great music and hitting the dance floor for 30 minutes every Friday evening. Our homage to the weekend. Grandma of course can't believe I bought these for my almost eight year old. There IS a little caveat ..... she can only wear her big girl shoes in the house. But me on the other hand I have been wearing these with my pj's in the evening. Yeah that's right. I have always wanted to be a little taller now I get to do it without heels. Oh I am in love. They are so comfortable. I can't wait to vacay with my BFF who is 5'11''. We will not be looking like Mutt and Jeff . Can't wait to stand next to her . How ya like me now? LOL. Well ,off to pre-weekend clean my house in my high heel wedge sneakers. Choose Happiness

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