Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday. Today's message comes straight from my yoga sculpt. Grateful for the time I was able to be in class and have this body move in ways I thought it could not. The instructor had us reflect on being grateful for the moment. She said to take time throughout the day and think of all the things for which you are grateful for. I am certain she has said it before but for some reason it resonated today.
I was so grateful to see the sun because instantly I was uplifted. The older I get the more reliant I have become on the rays of the sun. I was grateful for the new and old acquaintances in class. I am grateful that I am able to humor myself which I do quite often. I have found that when I truly think of all of the things for which I am grateful , life really seems grand. So today's assignment is to think of one think for which you are grateful for today. Believe me it is hard to stop at one. I wish you a day of peace and gratefulness. Choose Happiness

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