Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday Fabulous Fashion

Hey ALL, I am really hoping that your weekend is jumping off to a great start. Mine started rocky but I am a great rebounder!  I love love love looking at fashion around the world. It is my inspiration. These are two different looks but both glamorous in their own right. Grey skies, more snow forecasted not helping over here in the GLAM department. But nonetheless these ladies inspire me. I have to moan a little about what I see happening to me and at around me. CASUAL has become such a dirty word for me. Everyone is casual hardly anybody dresses up any more. Parties CASUAL,
the theatre CASUAL, heck even church is CASUAL. I see more "daisy dukes" and flip flops in church than I do at the beach. What's up with that ???   The next generation will think dressing up will be a clean white tee and jeans. I decided to not be influenced by those around me and raise my own bar. So I put a little extra effort in meeting my friends for lunch just like I used to before I started following the status quo.   I really like the ladies in my book club , they are "mature" ladies and each one dresses up for  our Sunday meeting. It's so fun to see them come over dressed to the nines. Now. don't get me wrong I like my jeans and t-shirt but I try to make that even look special. I always feel good when I do.  Try it ,you will like this new pumped up you. It feels good from the inside out. You don't need to head to the mall, that pick me up is in the closet waiting to be reintroduced.
Be your own kind of glamorous. Be your OWN muse.  Just don't be CASUAL all the time.
Happy weekend beautiful peeps. Choose Happiness.

                                                             images via Pinterest

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