Thursday, March 14, 2013

A few ways to add Spring to your home

I wanted to share some fun and savvy ways to add Spring to your home. Last week I decided to slowly begin to change out my decor. I really like changing things out around here. I am sure there is a name for my illness but that is another post. Hard to imagine Spring coming my way with piles of snow outside and more in the  forecast.                                                                                                               So here are a few "Spring in a bag"ideas you can add to your decor.
  • Add some fresh flowers. A bouquet of daffodils adds an instant lift to a room and very economical.
  • Swap out your decorative pillows. Try on a new color or shape. 
  • Swap your heavy cozy blankets/throws to a lighter weight and a brighter color.
  • Switch your lamp shades to a lighter color and design.
  • Candles can easily be swapped out as well, try a lighter scent and color as well.
  • Live plants are great too and give an instant Spring touch to any room.
It can be small changes that make your home feel special. I like my home to hug me when I walk through the door. Try one or two of these small changes and let me know your thoughts. I hope you get inspired and have some fun. I also checked out  the new Threshold line at Target. I did not spend a lot of time more like a drive-by but there were a couple of things that caught my discriminating eye. 
                                                               Have an AMAZING Thursday!
                                                                         Choose Happiness.
                                                                            images via Pinterest

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