Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's Spring break over here and I am taking the week off to do ALL things that the little peep's hearts desire.  Mom is also getting to do some fun things too. Today the little girl and I went to a flower show. Hence the reason for this lovely photo of a beautiful table setting with flowers in my favorite color. Tomorrow the boy and I will set sail to whatever his heart desires. So I leave you with this gorgeous photo that makes me so HAPPYin hopes that it will bring a smile to your face as well.Wishing you a very happy Easter or Spring break. I will be back next week. Choose Happiness

                                                            image via Pinterest

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Interiors

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have been on a spring cleaning roll lately. Such a great time to purge,clean and re-decorate . These photos are from a Robert and Courtney Novagratz a husband and wife interior design duo. I really love their design work. Primarily because the two of them have an eclectic way of doing their thing. I like design that uses some of  what you already own and maybe a  few new pieces thrown into the scene. I prefer to refreshen spaces. The Novagratz's have a way of just making spaces come alive. Their rooms have energy . I like energy in a room. Their rooms feel lived in not showy or like displays. I also like the use of vintage pieces. In my opinion  that is true design. 
I don't like cookie cutter design work . I like individual design. How about you?
HAPPY MONDAY. Choose Happiness

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday

This is my mantra though today it does not appear to be working! I met a friend for lunch yesterday and we chatted about how unmotivated we both are right now. Hard to believe that yesterday was the first day of Spring with the morning temperatures hovering around 15 degrees.
I spotted these really fantastic floral shoes and had to share. So very cute and  they make my heart do the happy dance. These may be my Dorothy slippers! A trip home is calling my name. Here's to a weekend filled with whatever makes your heart do the HAPPY dance!                                                  Choose Happiness

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Greek Islands Day Dreaming

Breathtaking that is all I can say. This is on my must see places to visit. This would be one happy girl.
My bag is packed and ready to go and I am only bringing one. I am hoping that my travel is in the very near future. Choosing Happiness
                                                           images via Google

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WORD UP Wednesday

This one is coming from the family archives (the Husband) lol. Just the other day we are having "our family topic" discussion and he dropped a word I did not know. Imagine that. Now I did figure it out based on the context.
Circuitous~ having a circular or winding course ;not being forthright or direct in language or action

My seven year old has a circuitous way of explaining all of her stories; hence why the word was used at dinner. I must say we do a lot of laughing when she has to lead the discussion.
May you have a circuitous journey today that leads you somewhere fabulous! Choose Happiness.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday. Today's message comes straight from my yoga sculpt. Grateful for the time I was able to be in class and have this body move in ways I thought it could not. The instructor had us reflect on being grateful for the moment. She said to take time throughout the day and think of all the things for which you are grateful for. I am certain she has said it before but for some reason it resonated today.
I was so grateful to see the sun because instantly I was uplifted. The older I get the more reliant I have become on the rays of the sun. I was grateful for the new and old acquaintances in class. I am grateful that I am able to humor myself which I do quite often. I have found that when I truly think of all of the things for which I am grateful , life really seems grand. So today's assignment is to think of one think for which you are grateful for today. Believe me it is hard to stop at one. I wish you a day of peace and gratefulness. Choose Happiness

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday

I am going to blame it on the yucky weather here today, but I have no desire to meander outside of my house today. So unlike me, since my mom so lovingly refers to me as her "street" gypsy, for I am never home. Have car will travel. Now I will say, I would brave the elements to sit in either one of the above locations with a good book and a beverage of choice. I am just craving some green on the scene. These images are from Google. I am just feeling a French vibe right now. Hmmm ... I wonder why?
                                                                     Choose Happiness.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunday Peace

I have not  posted on Sunday before but after a few phone conversations with a few good friends, I felt compelled to write! So if you are in need of a little extra this weekend this one is for you.
Have a very happy and peaceful Sunday. Choose Happiness .

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday Fabulous Fashion

Hey ALL, I am really hoping that your weekend is jumping off to a great start. Mine started rocky but I am a great rebounder!  I love love love looking at fashion around the world. It is my inspiration. These are two different looks but both glamorous in their own right. Grey skies, more snow forecasted not helping over here in the GLAM department. But nonetheless these ladies inspire me. I have to moan a little about what I see happening to me and at around me. CASUAL has become such a dirty word for me. Everyone is casual hardly anybody dresses up any more. Parties CASUAL,
the theatre CASUAL, heck even church is CASUAL. I see more "daisy dukes" and flip flops in church than I do at the beach. What's up with that ???   The next generation will think dressing up will be a clean white tee and jeans. I decided to not be influenced by those around me and raise my own bar. So I put a little extra effort in meeting my friends for lunch just like I used to before I started following the status quo.   I really like the ladies in my book club , they are "mature" ladies and each one dresses up for  our Sunday meeting. It's so fun to see them come over dressed to the nines. Now. don't get me wrong I like my jeans and t-shirt but I try to make that even look special. I always feel good when I do.  Try it ,you will like this new pumped up you. It feels good from the inside out. You don't need to head to the mall, that pick me up is in the closet waiting to be reintroduced.
Be your own kind of glamorous. Be your OWN muse.  Just don't be CASUAL all the time.
Happy weekend beautiful peeps. Choose Happiness.

                                                             images via Pinterest

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A few ways to add Spring to your home

I wanted to share some fun and savvy ways to add Spring to your home. Last week I decided to slowly begin to change out my decor. I really like changing things out around here. I am sure there is a name for my illness but that is another post. Hard to imagine Spring coming my way with piles of snow outside and more in the  forecast.                                                                                                               So here are a few "Spring in a bag"ideas you can add to your decor.
  • Add some fresh flowers. A bouquet of daffodils adds an instant lift to a room and very economical.
  • Swap out your decorative pillows. Try on a new color or shape. 
  • Swap your heavy cozy blankets/throws to a lighter weight and a brighter color.
  • Switch your lamp shades to a lighter color and design.
  • Candles can easily be swapped out as well, try a lighter scent and color as well.
  • Live plants are great too and give an instant Spring touch to any room.
It can be small changes that make your home feel special. I like my home to hug me when I walk through the door. Try one or two of these small changes and let me know your thoughts. I hope you get inspired and have some fun. I also checked out  the new Threshold line at Target. I did not spend a lot of time more like a drive-by but there were a couple of things that caught my discriminating eye. 
                                                               Have an AMAZING Thursday!
                                                                         Choose Happiness.
                                                                            images via Pinterest

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Ruminate: to ponder deeply;to think about over and over.

Are you ruminating about anything today?  I am ruminating over lipstick colors for spring. Attempting to dance outside my box.
 Bright Pink


Lipstick is the one item that I DO NOT like to leave  home without. I need my lip color. Nothing makes me happier than to reach in an old jacket or coat pocket and reconnect with a  lost tube! Just as good as finding a small stash of cash for me. There are more serious agenda items I could be ruminating over but heck that's always the case right?   So I am going to slap on some lipstick and get HAPPY. I hope you are enjoying your "hump day".
                                                                 Choose Happiness.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Promise to tell you the TRUTH and nothing but....

I just want to share with you  a product that I am loving! I have been using this TRUTH serum for about  two years. I consider it more "magic" than truth serum.  Who can afford not to use a little more             vitamin C and collagen. You will be able to tell the difference in your skin soon after using. Your skin will be brighter and healthier looking! It also has a nice light orange scent. TRUST me on this one , you will thank me later! Choose Happiness.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday! I am staying on target for today's message. And you know what?  I am even more kind , patient ,and ebullient doing just a wee bit of what makes me happy! This weekend in between little people's piano concerts and track meets, I was able to read my magazines. ANYONE that knows me well knows that this is one of my FAVORITE things to do. I subscribe to many, so it is a good thing that I am comfortable with stacks in the corner waiting for me to peruse. I had a magazine cleanse a couple of  weeks ago and was able to recycle 70 magazines. I was so proud of myself. Wishing you a week filled with things that make you HAPPY! Choose Happiness.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fabulous Friday Fashion

I want to KICK it with these sneakers this weekend. These wedge hill sneaks are all the RAGE right now. For someone like me of modest height , this is the shoe of choice for my weekend running around town! Cute and Sporty ! When I kick , I want to kick it HIGH!  
So these are on my want and need lists. lol
These are all by Isabel Marant but there are lots more out there to cover every girls budget!
I hope you have a great weekend and KICK it somewhere fun !
Choose Happiness

Thursday, March 7, 2013

        Outside on my walk

Outside my door

Inside my door

So happy it is March!!! I am tired of taking photos of the snow, but I could not resist today! On my walk around the lake it was so beautiful how the ice clung to the trees, rather majestic. Snow on pine trees outside my front door......SO OVER IT. I want to see some Spring  so what if they are FAUX  flowers.
Faux mixed with a green plant.

Choose Happiness.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey it's Wednesday , WORD UP.  Let me start by saying that I believe my 7 year old LOVES my blog as much as I do. In addition, I found her using last weeks word kerfuffle  and in the right context.
The letter was written by her last Sunday while I was out of the house.  So I hope you enjoy word up Wednesday as much as my 7 year old and I do.  Inexorable ...impossible to stop or prevent.  Try using inexorable today. Happy Humpday.  Choose Happiness.

Monday, March 4, 2013

After yesterdays return of winter , I thought I would at least change my view and yours too! Even if you are not as much a FAN of PINK as I am , you have to admit these pictures bring a vision of spring to your mind!  I hope you have a terrific Tuesday and remember to LIVE BY YOUR OWN DESIGN!
                                                                    Choose Happiness!

                                                                 images via Pinterest

Happy Monday!  Despite feeling like I am trapped inside a snow glow, it is REALLY pretty out! But I am way BEYOND the beauty of snow!!!  Did you have a great weekend? I spent some time at a mentoring session! And let me tell you, it was so enlightening!!! More to come on that topic. But, if you can become a mentor DO IT, if you need a mentor FIND one! Either way the experience is EMPOWERING! Make today a beautiful day where ever you may be! Choose Happiness!
                                                          image via Pinterest

Friday, March 1, 2013

                           Happy FRIDAY!

I am  ready for the weekend!!!  ARE YOU??                                                                                             I really like pictures of street fashion!   Particularly of women around the world.                              These are during fashion week in Milan.
What I admire more than the fashion is that European women have a JOIE DE VIVRE !!                    Or at the very  least, give the appearance that they do! I know for me I am not looking quite the same....it's time to UP my GAME!!! Sometimes you need that girlfriend to give you that little extra push..... alright ladies give me that push!!! I have resorted to the internet for inspiration which used to come natural. I like that these women look as though they made a little extra effort.  It may be a colorful scarf , a handbag in a pop of color or a different color lipstick! Sometimes the little extra effort can make you feel REALLY  good. So start anew today! Why not?  It is March 1st!                               After all , SPRING is about renewal!!       Game Time!!    Choose Happiness!

                                                      ~images via Pinterest